4 Things You Need to Know Before Flat-sharing in Jakarta

4 Things You Need to Know Before Flat-sharing in Jakarta


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Finding a residency in Jakarta is not an easy matter. When you find one apartment unit or house to rent that suits your preference, the rental cost is usually expensive. It’s hard to find anything for less than IDR1 million per month. However, there’s a cheaper solution for this. You can find a flatmate or a roommate to cut living expense.

Flat-share is quite popular among expats staying in Jakarta. But flat-sharing in Jakarta is not as easy as you might think. There are several things you need to consider beforehand!

Flat location matters

In Jakarta, flatshare applies for houses or apartments. However, if you want to have more convenience, an apartment can be a more practical choice since it usually comes with certain facilities that houses don’t have. Some of these include laundry, 24 hours security guards, fire alarm, CCTV, and even swimming pool and a gym like Senopati Apartment. Fortunately, most apartments in Jakarta are located in strategic areas.

But this won’t matter if it’s still far from your office. Remember that traffic in Jakarta can be terrible. You can literally be stuck in a Jakarta traffic jam if you don’t go early. At least try looking for a flat that is nearest to your office. Perhaps you can ask one of your co-workers to flatshare. This will allow you to save time because you can walk to the office, which will also cut your accommodation cost.

Rental cost research

Depending on your choice, the rental cost for a flatshare in Jakarta is varied. It’s important to determine your budget first so you can focus looking for a flat within your budget range. If you find a perfect flat but the rental cost exceeds your budget range, don’t worry because you can share it with your flatmates. That’s why it’s also important to involve your soon-to-be flatmates when searching for a flat to share.

Different area means different rental cost. For instance, the rental cost for a property in the Sudirman area is around US$2,200 to US$6,800. If you’re planning to live in Menteng, you need to prepare a budget worth of US$3,000 to US$5,000. The cost is usually cheaper if you opt to rent a flat in a more suburban area such as Kemang or Senopati.

Deal with the landlord

Most of the flats in Jakarta are owned by local people. To get a flat at a reasonable price, it’s better to get a reference from friends or colleagues about the flat. You can also ask your flatmate if he or she knows about a great flat in Jakarta. Without a recommendation, it can be challenging to find a flatshare with the reasonable price in Jakarta because some of the local landlords make a difficult contract for expats, like charging extra fees or asking for an advance rental cost for 1-2 years. 

Don’t worry, not all local landlords are like that. You can still meet reasonable landlords in Jakarta. All you need is a comprehensive search. Just take your time and don’t rush anything!

Make the most out of the technology

Finding a great flatmate is as important as finding a perfect flat. Kudos if you’ve found a kind flatmate to flatshare with you. However, if you’re struggling to find one, you can always use the technology to help you. Try using Flokq (https://www.flokq.com), an application that helps you find a roommate or a flatmate in Indonesia.

Just go to flokq.com and sign yourself up. Flokq will give you a list of people looking for someone to live with. Or if you’re looking for a flatmate to live with and a spare room in a shared house, you can advertise it on Flokq!


With the increasing average rent in Jakarta, flat-sharing can be a more affordable option. By sharing an apartment or house with other people, you can make considerable savings. The flat-share approach allows you to live in a good-quality house or apartment without having to pay too much. Just make sure to find a good roommate or a flatmate so that you can take care of the house or apartment together.


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