The bedroom is unarguably your favorite place to unwind after a day of work. Therefore, it must be made as comfortable as possible so that you can wake up more and more energetically each day.

No wonder, in order to make your room more beautiful, many ask for interior designer service to realize their desire. Well, the fact is, you can do it yourself. Another good news? It’s easy and certainly less spending on you. Follow these following tips!

Re-arranging your furniture

One practical way to make your bedroom look “fresher” is rearranging your existing furniture like mattresses, cabinets, study desks, or work desks. In addition to making it look new, you can remove some unneeded items to make your room look wider.



Adding Decorative Lights

One way to beautify your bedroom is to place decorative lights. Besides functioning as a lighting at night, they can also make your room more comfortable. Flickering lights, especially, is a good choice to make the atmosphere more romantic.



Installing decorative accessories

An empty bedroom without any decoration would make the quiet and empty impression, especially if you live alone in an apartment unit. Therefore, to make it more lively, put ornaments that match your character. You can also put your family or friends photos to make a kind atmosphere.


Putting a Small Carpet and Cushion Seat

For those who live in a tiny studio-type apartment like one in Apartemen Selatan, your bedroom can also serve as a guest room to relax with friends. Therefore, you should add a small carpet whose color matches your room’s, then add a cushion seat to complete it.


Decorating walls with wallpaper stickers

Wallpaper stickers are one solution for those who are bored with the plain wall, but still reluctant to change the paint. These decorative wallpaper stickers are sold online and have many variants you can choose from.



With those five ways, you need not buy expensive items or rent interior services to create a new look for your bedroom. Good luck!




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