Stay Healthy Today with Fitness at Senopati Apartment

Stay Healthy Today with Fitness at Senopati Apartment

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The most effective way to stay healthy is probably going to a fitness center, which provides a lot of exercise machines and equipment in one place, such as Senopati apartment’s fitness center. Located inside the apartment area, this facility is very practical especially for you who currently looking for a complete apartment around Senopati. Here is the equipment that you can choose inside Senopati apartment’s fitness center. 


The barbell is probably the most common yet most essential fitness equipment that you can find inside Senopati apartment’s fitness center. There are various weights of barbells that you can choose according to your preference. Barbell training could be the best choice if you’re a beginner, and the weight could be increased as time goes on. It can also be combined with other workout exercises such as overhead press, squat, bench press, and deadlift. 

Elliptical Cross Trainer

Looking for a full-body workout? Senopati apartment’s fitness center provides an elliptical cross trainer machine which can be a good choice of full-body muscle training. This machine also promotes a stronger muscle without damaging your joints, and it is also a good option for weight loss workout in a relatively short amount of time. You can arrange some interval in your elliptical cross trainer workout or enhance the intensity of your workout for a maximum fat burning result. This machine is also a good fit for elder people since it won’t give any pressure as well as protecting joints. 


Senopati apartment’s fitness center also provides treadmills, which promotes a less-stressful exercise toward your lower body rather than regular walking or running above a regular flat surface. This machine could also be an effective workout since it can control blood pressure and heart rate, aiming it to be at a healthy pace. Doing treadmill exercise regularly will also help to tone your body muscles and help you lose weight. You can start at a brisk pace at the beginning of your workout, and gradually increase it as time goes on for an effective and optimal result.

Stationary Bike

Do you prefer to ride bikes outside but the weather is quite bad? Don’t worry, stationary bike inside the fitness center is the answer. Stationary bike exercise is the perfect aerobic choice if you’re looking for an effective way to burn your body fat as well as strengthening your muscles, lungs, and heart without damaging your joints. Aside from that, the stationary bike is well known for its benefit to improve the quality of sleep, releases endorphins which boost a better mood and lower your stress level. This low-impact workout is also safer than road cycling since it located indoors, hence you don’t need to worry about traffic and road conditions. 

Punching Bag

The punching bag is also another exercise option that you can find inside Senopati apartment’s fitness center. You can throw punches with boxing equipment with an arranged interval for a high-intensity workout which will provide you a full-body workout. Aside from that, punching bag exercise will improve your core stability, power, as well as coordination and as a result, you will have a toned muscle and body. Punching bag exercise can also be referred to as a full-body workout since it requires the movement of your muscles in the shoulder, arms, chest, waist, back, legs and stomach. 

With all of that exercise machine option, you could stay healthy without going anywhere, which explains why Senopati Apartment is a good choice of residence around Senopati. So, what are you waiting for?

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