Culinary Spots Around MRT Stops: A Recommendation by @darihalte_kehalte

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Culinary Spots Around MRT Stops: A Recommendation by @darihalte_kehalte

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Since April 2019, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta has been officially launched. Many people in Jakarta rely on MRT to travel around. MRT Jakarta currently has 13 stations from Lebak Bulus Station in South Jakarta and Bundaran HI Station in Central Jakarta. Around these stations, you can find many culinary spots to try—courtesy to an Instagram account @darihalte-kehalte.

This account shares information regarding food stalls or restaurants located near MRT or Transjakarta stops. But now we want to focus on culinary spots near MRT stops in Jakarta. We have compiled a list of Dari Halte ke Halte’s recommended culinary spots around MRT Jakarta stops.

Rumah Makan Padang Bopet Mini

If you get off at the MRT Station in Bendungan Hilir (Benhil), you will find a Nasi Padang restaurant located 400 meters from the station. Rumah Makan Padang Bopet Mini has been around since the 1980s, which makes it quite a legend around the locals. Here you can find so many Padang delicacies such as Soto Padang, Sate Padang, rendang, ayam pop, and kepala kakap. Don’t forget to order the famous Ketupe Sayur for only IDR16,000. 

Bakmi Jhon Melawai

This one is great for your breakfast stop. Bakmi Jhon Melawai offers varied menu of bakmi, a noodle soup served with dumplings and dumpling chips. Dari Halte ke Halte recommends you to try Mie Ayam Pangsit Bakso, which is only IDR20,000 per portion. You can visit Bakmi Jhon Melawai by MRT, get off at the Blok M Station, and walk for about 300 meters to Jalan Sampit. 

Tahu Campur Pak Subari

Tahu campur is a local culinary from Surabaya, it’s tofu served with boiled noodles, fresh lettuce, bean sprouts, and sweet and sour sauce. It’s not easy to find tahu campur with the authentic Surabaya flavor. But now the search is over because Dari Halte ke Halte has found a tasty tahu campur in Jalan Anuraga, South Jakarta. It’s within a walking distance to the Fatmawati MRT Station. Besides tahu campur, you can also try tahu tek telur and rawon in Tahu Campur Pak Subari.

Tanagodang Coffee

Jakarta has so many great coffee shops. You can find one called Tanagodang Coffee in Jalan Dharmawangsa Raya. Just ride MRT and get off at the Blok A Station, then continue your journey by walking around 600 meters. Tanagodang Coffee is special because not only do they offer great cups of coffee, but they also have a homey interior design, which will make you feel super comfortable during your hangout session in Tanagodang Coffee.


Animo Bakery

Morning rush means no time for breakfast. But if you get off at Cipete MRT Station, you’ll still have your breakfast by making a quick stop at Animo Bakery. This place sells various fresh bread and donuts, starting from IDR7,000 only! They also offer a variety of cakes for you to try. Dari Halte ke Halte recommends you to try Klepon Cake for only IDR20,000 per slice. 

Nasi Lapau Jaya

If you’re craving for some delicious rendang beef, Nasi Lapau Jaya is the place to go. The chunky beef is tender yet not too soft. Not to mention the rich species that will pamper your taste buds. Enjoy that with sambal hijau (green chili), and you will have one of the best culinary experiences ever. To reach Nasi Lapau Jaya, use the commuter line and get off at the Gondangdia Station, then continue by walking around 300 meters.


Thanks to Dari Halte ke Halte, now we know where to go if we’re suddenly craving for foods when riding MRT Jakarta. If you don’t have any plans this weekend, visiting these culinary spots is worth to consider. You don’t have to ride your vehicle, just go to the nearest MRT station and hop on the train. Hope you’ll have a great culinary experience!


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