Debunking 5 Myths about Jakarta Apartment Rental Market

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Debunking 5 Myths about Jakarta Apartment Rental Market


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Living in an apartment in Jakarta has become an urban trend. The tendency has been increasing because it is quite depressing for one to find or buy a landed house in Jakarta. Once they find a house, they would probably find the lack of facilities provided by the neighborhoods. On the other hand, many people are still uncertain to buy or rent a unit of an apartment in Jakarta because they have been fallen to some myths that are not yet proven to be.

What makes people worried to live in an apartment is because the ‘culture’ that goes, “You are not successful yet if you don’t own a house”. Other ‘urban legends’ like a social problem, feasibility of living in a relatively small room, and the price that is considered too high for some people. The case is, if they want to be more open-minded, those myths are not entirely true because they just listen without actually looking for it. Here are some myths about Jakarta apartment rental market.


Up until now, many people think that investing money in property is risky, including investment in the apartment. Investing money in property is one of the most stable investments. The rate of the property, in this context, is an apartment, tends to be increasing every year. Concerned with that risk, every kind of particular investment indeed has risk in it. It is down to us the ‘players’ on how we handle and cope with. We should learn and look deeply so it can run smoothly.

Big budget needed

Years ago, some people might think that owning an apartment in Jakarta was just a dream. It could be true. But now, there are a lot of developers that offer an affordable unit in big cities such as Senopati Apartment. Whether people want to buy or rent, it is still relatively affordable.

Nowadays, renting an apartment is as beneficial as purchasing it. It can be understood because of the competition among the developers. Jakarta is a big city with so many demands of urban living. Offering low-cost apartment is the way the developers do to increase revenue.

You have to be experienced enough

Some pessimists would say doing investment is for them who have married. Starting it early and unmarried is considered the wrong way. This is not true at all. Delaying it over and over again is not a good idea because first, the rent fee is increasing. Secondly, when someone is single, finance is relatively stable because there are no bigger outcomes.

Hard to socialize

It is down to the people, the personality, and the habit of the people. With so many facilities in the apartment, whether you rent or you own the apartment, the social activities should be easier to be done. Moreover, the narrow tunnel makes people meet each other quite often. So, there is no reason you become anti-social living in an apartment.

The apartment is small and narrow

Indeed, the room is relatively small. It makes people think that living in an apartment can be uncomfortable. The thing is, the occupants can organize the room into simplicity. The occupants can place the living room and dining room into one area, making it more efficient. It depends on how the occupants arrange the room.


A lot of developers have provided options for those who have particular terms and conditions. The most important thing is you can tell your friends or family that renting an apartment in Jakarta is not that bad, that those are just myths and that you have debunked them.

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