Best Floor to Live On in A Jakarta Apartment Building

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Best Floor to Live On in A Jakarta Apartment Building


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Life in a hustle and bustle city like Jakarta can be very busy. As an expat living in Jakarta, what you need is a home in which you don’t have to do much work on making it safe and comfortable. That’s why an apartment unit can be a more practical choice when it comes to a living place. Take Senopati Apartment, for example, the rental fee already includes 24/7 maintenance and service, cable television service, and furniture set. All you have to bring is yourself.

However, when looking for an apartment unit, you may need to choose which apartment floor is best for you. There’s no right or wrong answer to that question, but you need to consider all the pros and cons before choosing which apartment floor that suits your needs best.

Top floor

Living on the top floor of an apartment has several advantages. Top floor apartment is assured to get ample sunlight supply to the room. Your room will be filled with sunlight during the day. Moreover, if peaceful space is your top priority in the search of an apartment, the top floor should be your first choice. You don’t need to worry about noise from the traffic outside, noise from people moving up and down the stairs, or overheard your neighbor activities. Top floor apartment also offers you great views from the surroundings. You could live freely and peacefully in the top floor apartment. 

Although the apartment floor on the top seems to offer many pros, it also has its cons. Living on the top floor might be attractive with that great scenery view, but consider how easy it is to get there. You might find it difficult to move from your room to the basement or ground floor. Furthermore, if there is an emergency, it is rather hard for you to do the emergency evacuation. You also have to pay attention to the electricity bill, especially in winter because you need to use all heaters to heat your apartment room. 

Middle floor

The middle floor is the best choice if you need an apartment room since it offers you enough natural heating and cooling. The middle floor is also good for those looking for apartment floor that has a good track to and from the apartment. When it comes to the bill, the middle floor has consistent bills during summer or winter. It consumes steady power consumption during each season. So, if the bill’s consistency is what you’re looking for, the middle floor is the answer. 

Middle floor also has its weaknesses. If you choose the middle floor to live in Jakarta apartment, you might find yourself in the middle of noisy, whether it comes from the people who go up and down or from the neighborhood. You might hear people talking and walking in front of your door. It is also a little bit difficult for you to move groceries from the basement to your room on the middle floor. 

Bottom floor

The bottom floor is the best choice if you need a room with easy access to everywhere. You don’t need extra energy to move groceries or other kinds of stuff from the parking lot or basement to your room. It is made for you who own pets because you have great access to courtyard or backyard. The bottom floor is also suitable for those who want to save money for AC bills in the summer because natural air reigns best in lower locations.

On the other side, the bottom floor is full of noise. You can hear the noise from the traffic, noise from your neighbors talking, and noise from someone who just moves in. The bottom floor doesn’t allow you to have privacy. Your neighbor may know who comes in your room yesterday or a week before. 


So, which apartment floor will you choose? If you’re still not sure, you can always ask the apartment owner to let you visit the unit. This will allow you to check the apartment unit for yourself, which helps you make sure if it suits your needs and preference. Hope it helps!


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