What are the Pros and Cons Living in the First Floor Apartment?

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What are the Pros and Cons Living in the First Floor Apartment?


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Living in an apartment, whether you are new or just moved in, is always tricky. The ideal apartment is surely the strategic one, near your office, has great access, and provides enough facilities. You might have listed what you are looking for and not. You might as well not have a choice to pick which floor you want to be at. When you are limited to options and you have to accept the first-floor apartment, there are some pros and cons.

The top floor of the apartment may guarantee you the security, the calmness, the view, etc. But, if you are a type of person who moves a lot, you may reconsider choosing the top floor. What about the first floor instead? Read the pros and cons of the first-floor apartment below.


• Cooler Temperature

Every room in the apartment has windows and air conditioner(s), but you will always still get the cooler temperature on the first floor. This condition is good in summer because you can save a lot of energy bill.

• Easy Access

The first floor is suitable for you if you have mobility issues like you do not have to walk up and down multiple stairs or elevator. It is also good for someone who is a regular biker, a golfer that requires loads of equipment, or probably a parent of kids with old dogs that can’t climb up and down a stairway, you have got to be thankful living downstairs.

• Lower Air-conditioning Bills

In summer, being lower is cooler. You may not turn on the AC into a maximum temperature. Vice versa, staying in high floor of an apartment will likely increase your AC bills.

• No Stairs

It’s pretty clear that the first floor is designed for people who are mobile, fast, and cannot be bothered with going up and down.

• Easy to Move in and Out

Being on the first floor means you do not have to be bothered moving in and out. Some people are so busy with their business, putting in and off many things, or they are probably grocer and vendor.




• Lack of Privacy

You don’t want some lookie-loos stare into your room while eating noodles and watching Netflix, do you? It does happen quite often when your apartment on the first floor faces the street.

• Less Light

It is so tiring living without enough light. It can increase the humidity in your room and it is obviously not a good thing. You have to use extra light and guess what, your electricity bills will rise.

• The View

All you can see from the bottom floor is the street, people arguing, moving cars, or bikes. You can expect a hot male or female passing by, but you will still be bored after all.

• Ringing Doorbells

Do not forget that there will be a lot of postmen, delivery man, or people using doorbells and lift every day, from the first floor, day and night.

• Noise

If the sound from doorbells is not enough to disrupt your day, you still have noise from the bikes, cars, trucks, ice cream trucks, and the dog barking.


It is important to understand the pros and cons of living in a first-floor apartment. Ultimately, if you’re kind of a busy person, having children, and not bothered to any benefit of living on the top floor, choosing the first floor is probably ideal and wise. So, are you going to move to the first-floor apartment?

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