Why Do You Have to Pay Apartment Rental in Advance in Jakarta?

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Why Do You Have to Pay Apartment Rental in Advance in Jakarta?


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Renting a unit of an apartment in Jakarta is probably one of the smartest ways to live. It offers you mobility, cost-effective, completeness, and security. While people may say renting an apartment is relatively expensive, there is actually a strong possibility that you could find a lot of affordable apartment. Commonly, there are two types of renting an apartment in Jakarta; either monthly and yearly. The landlord might offer you – or you might propose, to pay the rental in advance.

Paying in advance could be a great idea for you renters who have cash and do not usually want to be bothered with installments. Surely, it would take a lot of money when you are about to pay, for example, a full year’s rent upfront. Here is why you have to pay apartment rental in advance in Jakarta.

Secure the unit

When you already have your eyes set to a particular property and you realize the competition is tight, offering the landlord a large amount of money upfront might help you seal the deal. Some landlords probably push you to do that to get the deal done, so you have to look out the best price available.

Discount or cashback

The pay-in-advance options are infrequently available, so if one comes up, you should consider dealing it. The landlords will usually come with benefits if you are willing to pay upfront. They would offer you a reduced rent, discount, or cashback.


Securing a unit with the pay-in-advance option activated means you do yourself a good investment when it comes to discount or cashback. It saves your money quite a lot and it proves that even though rents are high there is always room to negotiate.

Financial stable

When you do not have any installment on progress, it is important to keep that as it is. You might want to invest somewhere else one day. What you need is to make sure you are financially stable. It means you cannot have too many debts. While you can save more money because of the discount, you save your money to invest it somewhere else.

Paying apartment rent in advance does not mean you are safe, there is will always risk. You have to watch out for fraud or scammers. You can protect yourself by researching the landlord and the property first. Never trust a landlord even if he is reputable. Meet him at the office and never talk about money online. Always check the legal and be aware when the deal seems too good to be true.

So, overall, the pay-in-advance option is generally beneficial in particular circumstances. You might save your money for later, or you just simply do not want to be bothered with current installments you have to pay. It is always a good idea to talk about this with your relatives or partners if you are living together. Finding the best decision is the best investment, isn’t it?

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