Some Tips to Understand The Property and Apartment Brochures

Brochures often become one of the main “weapons” of Property marketing in promoting their products. They are usually distributed both online and in print to the prospective buyers.

Of course, this makes it easier for the potential buyers to get the information they need, like the location, price, the facilities in its vicinity. Therefore, it’s really important to really understand the language of brochures. Check out the following review:


Down Payment Promo

As you know, before applying for a mortgage, the buyer is obliged to submit an advance around 20 to 30 percent, and one of the strategies offered by developers is the ease of paying the down payment. Make sure you ask the marketing staff clearly about what conditions to be met to get this promo. Well, actually this kind of promo is rarely found.


About Purchase Number

NUP or Purchase Number is obtained from potential buyers after they paying a certain amount of money. This is usually included with a large font on the brochures’ headlines, for example, “Pay 5 Million for 500 Milion”.

Unlike the booking fee, Nup is usually refundable or can be returned if the buyers cancel buying properties.


Installment and the Price

Usually, the prospective buyers are fooled by the numbers listed on the brochures. Check the writing of words that end with “-an” in the explanation of the price, such as “Apartemen mewah harga 500 juta-an” or “Apartemen cantik, cicilan  hanya Rp4 juta-an”. You know, in Indonesia, “-an” means “about” and you don’t know the exact price, like “500 juta-an” may mean “597 juta” and the bad news is, you cannot blame the developer because of that.


Know Its Location

Do a survey to the location before deciding to buy, especially when there are words like “Only 5 minutes from the toll gate”. Sometimes, the words there do not really accurately depict the mileage just to attract the potential buyers.

Also, examine whether there’s a traffic jam around the area at rush hour or not. If it’s not possible to come directly to the location, you can check the distance and travel time via Google Maps.


Please, Actively Ask

Not all brochures include detailed information regarding the product they offer. Some of them include promos or free offer but without the terms and condition. Therefore, try to actively ask the marketing staff directly, especially about matters relating to their promos.


Well, those are a few tips on how to understand the language of a property brochure, No need to be afraid to ask the marketing staff in case you don’t understand certain things on the brochure. The marketing staffs will definitely be happy to help you, as is often done by Apartemen Selatan by Pudjiadi Prestige.

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