3 Things to do Now to Prevent Corona Virus in Kemang

3 Things to do Now to Prevent Corona Virus in Kemang

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Coronavirus, or also known as Covid-19, now become a pandemic disease. It means the virus is spread uncontrollably in almost the whole part of the world. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declares Covid-19 as a pandemic, you need to maintain yourself from the exposures, especially if you are a person with high mobility, especially in the Kemang area.

Keep your Hand Clean

Since Coronavirus or Covid-19 in an ‘unseen’ thing, you need to pay more attention to the cleanliness of your body, especially for your hand. Two of the human hand is the most part of the body that is used for daily activities, whenever, whatever, and wherever. Thus, it is essential to keep hand clean to minimize the risk of Coronavirus exposure. 

You are very recommended to clean your hands using soap with running water. Another option is that wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. However, soap is better to use than other products. Professor Sally Bloomfield, an expert from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says that washing hands is the easiest thing that able to stop the spread of Covid-19.

He explains that the Coronavirus has some outer layers called ‘bilayer lipid’ in which molecules are like tadpoles with hydrophilic head. They are bound to one another. On the other hand, units of soap have the same compositions. Therefore, a soap can stop them from spreading widely. In this case, you should wash your hand, either using hand sanitizer or soap, before touching some stuff.


Not to Touch your Face 

Another thing you should do to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 is by not touching your face carelessly, especially when your hands are full of dirt and dust. If needed, you should wash your hand first, then touch your face carefully. Kevin Chapman, a Psychologist and director of Kentucky Center Anxiety and Related Disorders, says that touching face is an ‘uncontrollable’ thing that people usually do.

However, touching your face using a hand that is full of dirt and dust will possibly make everything is going to be worse. Thus, make sure that your hands are clean before touching your nose, mouth, and eyes. The virus particle can enter your body, thought your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

A research conducted in 2014 concluded that touching face is something hard to leave. It is because, in human life, touching face using hand is the ‘habit’ of many people across the globe. Therefore, it is so difficult to ask people to stop that habit. The best thing to do is making sure that your hand is clean. However, not touching the face can reduce the risk of Coronavirus exposures. 


Social Distancing COVID-19

Do Social Distancing

The term ‘social distancing’ is eventually gaining more attention due to the spread of Covid-19. Doing a social distancing means that you need to make a distance with other people next to you. This thing is supposed to do in an area that has many people, public places, offices, and others. Maintain yourself at least one meter or three feet distance to other people, especially from anyone sneezing or coughing.

Charles Chiu, Ph.D., an expert from the University of California, says, the spread of Coronavirus is through droplets, small liquid from nose or mouth. They may contain the virus, including Covid-19. You need to be careful in public places. Therefore, you are highly recommended to cover your nose and mouth with a face mask. 

Since droplets can be a medium of the spread, you need to pay more attention to your health conditions. If you have a fever, a cough, and difficulty breathing, go to medical care as soon as possible. Stay at home if you feel those things. If you are reckless, you may be exposed by the virus, or you are the spreader of the virus.

Those are several things you can do to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. You need to avoid gathering in crowded places, including some areas in Kemang. Keep your body clean and hygiene to minimize virus exposures. 







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