4 Minimalist Design Ideas for Your Studio Apartment, Small yet Comfy

Studio-type apartments don’t always mean a limited space. Some developers may have designed them with an emphasis on comfort with much functionality. They may be small, but its residents can still be pampered by their beautiful design, like those of Apartemen Selatan PT. Pudjiadi Prestige, Tbk.

Well, if you are looking for a beautiful apartment design, here are some ideas you can adapt to create your own comfortable residence.

Half-Loft Design

In order to create a beautiful and effective studio apartment design, you can make use of the empty vertical space by turning it to be a little bedroom at the top. What about the bottom one? You can use it as a storage to store various favorite objects.

Minimalist Partition Studio Apartment Design

The wooden concept with modern minimalist decor that dominates the surroundings can be applied to your studio apartment. To overcome the limited space issue, you can choose a sliding glass partition with a minimalist wooden frame. You can also install a wooden floor for various relaxing activities with your family.

Modern Scandinavian Studio Apartment Design

Scandinavian themed interior designs are usually associated with white color. It’s suitable for studio-type apartments because it makes them look clean and presents a “broad”, “spacious” impression.

Exclusive Modern Studio Apartment Design

With the right arrangement and selection of quality furniture, you can have a tiny apartment with an exclusive modern design. Choose warm colors like white, beige, and brown as your main color, and mix it with blue accents to bring contrasting, yet elegant nuances. You can also add decorations in the form of chandeliers, candle holders, and minimalist frames to add the luxury of your apartment.

Those are just a few examples of suitable designs for your small studio apartments. Which one do you like the most?

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