8 Reasons Why You Should Rent an Apartment from The Official Management

Many things happened since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world into pieces. It affects not only the people’s well-being and all the medical-related things but also many human life aspects such as pedagogic terms, global traveling activities, social-physical live, etc. Rather than those aspects, instead, the damage is dealt mostly in the matter of economy either macro or micro-level. That is why the discussion of an economic recession is more often mentioned in the last couple of weeks – especially when the topic of the nowadays socio-economic condition has discoursed.

The impact occurs widely. As a result, some known foremost economic phenomena happen, such as a freefalling expense also cost (deflation), or inflation (in the other way), and both of them happened concurrently (stagflation) at the worst. Many sectors of the economy experience the same situation – some only find a phenomenon, while others discover both of them. Through the ongoing circumstances, there are still options for people to plan some right investments – it will bring fortunes in the future.

There are a lot of things considered as options if talking about investments. The most popular is gold or jewelry; some will say stocks, shares, or holdings; and the others will prefer to choose foreign currency. But within this time, such investment seems so fluctuating and unstable. People tend to avoid those since their prices are likely to rise sharply or drop significantly. Moreover, such investments may be higher at its worth but have no substance if looked from the utility and practical value. From that point, the property, as one kind of investment option, appears and ‘stands out.’

To pick the property as a right investment will not only bring future fortunes, but there are also various benefits and advantages. However, it can all be achieved with a note that the property investment that you make is also carried out in the right ways. One way is to rent an apartment in the right place. There are many ways to rent an apartment, from renting directly from the official management or renting from the apartment owner. Definitely, the first way will ensure your investment to be more profitable than the second way. So in this article, we will discuss 8 reasons why you should rent the apartment from official management.


1) It is safer from the first hand.

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Of course, security in renting an apartment will be a priority for everyone, especially if this is part of an investment plan. It should be noted that in renting an apartment, the transaction process to be carried out is legally leased or just a scam. Likewise with the units that are rented out, is it really a product that is prepared optimally, or is it just a ‘pig in a poke.’ If you rent directly through official management as first hand, these unwanted things can also be avoided.


2) The legality and legitimately of the apartment unit being rented can be ascertained.

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It doesn’t just stop there, in renting an apartment, the legality and legitimately of the offered apartment unit will much affect its value as investments. It should be noted whether an apartment unit that is rented out is the right unit and is not a dispute. Also, the status of ownership that is possessed will become more valid because various administrative processes have been fulfilled correctly.


3) The administrative process will be more complete and official.


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Because the administrative process is vital in the systematics of renting an apartment, the ease of doing it can, of course, be said to be a significant consideration. The reason is, when the rental process through official management occurs, the official will certainly not try to burden the tenant and even tend to provide conveniences. Sure, this can only be done if the administration process is carried out by the first-hand tenant.


4) Can enjoy various additional services.


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The advantages of renting an apartment unit through official management as first-hand are so many. In addition to several points regarding the validities and legality above, the tenant will also be able to experience various additional embedded facilities as part of the apartment unit’s advantages. Those facilities can only be enjoyed by the administratively-on-behalf tenants, which are registered by the official management. Of course, it will be unfortunate if these various facilities cannot be enjoyed.


5) Repairment will be easier.

In its use, an apartment unit needs to be managed. Sometimes, some problems related to damage and malfunctions can occur in matters such as electricity, water, plumbing, carry-on equipment also facilities, etc. Those will be easier to handle if you rent the unit directly from official management. It is because the developer already has a unit maintenance team, and these things have become part of existing additional services.


6) Official periodic maintenance from the developer.

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Even more convenient, by renting an apartment unit directly from the official management, tenants don’t have to wait for any damage to occur first. In fact, periodic maintenance of various apartment units and all the supporting facilities will usually be carried out as part of a commitment from the developer. All of this aims to make residents feel the best comfort and experience.


7) Avoid various risks of problems that are owned by apartment owners

It has become something that often happens where the phenomenon of renting an apartment unit through the owner or second-hand leads to a problematic case or conflict. The reason is the problems that occurred on the part of the apartment owner will also affect the apartment unit. Various things such as apartment owners failing to pay rent or maintenance costs, problems with the apartment owners association (PPPSRS), or even disputes will impact the tenants too. Moreover, these various impacts will be difficult to handle since the legal that binds the apartment is stronger.


8) Less hassle in regards to administrative

Since property developers are usually a limited company, they have a standard procedure regarding payment, move-in, billing, maintenance, and everything else. Also, they often have their own property administrator to help your stay and your administrative easy.


That’s an article about 8 reasons why you should rent the apartment from official management. By renting an apartment unit directly to the official management as first hand, the appropriateness and completeness of the apartment unit will also be guaranteed both in terms of administration and facilities. That’s why make sure to go directly to the official management if you want to rent an apartment unit. For some recommendations about the best official management apartment choices, you can visit these links: Pudjiadi Prestige, Tbk. A Better Place to Stay, Azalea Suites. Your Trusted Property Developer, PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk, 40 years in propery – Youtube Channel.

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