Create a Comfortable Residence in Senopati Apartment

Create a Comfortable Residence in Senopati Apartment

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Jakarta is surely a hectic big city to live with, and the bad traffic during rush hour just make everything seems worse. The best way to deal with all the hassle is probably by living in a residence that strategically located in the heart of business center near your workplace, and Senopati apartment might be the perfect place that you’ve been looking for. Here are several things you need to know about Senopati apartment, a comfortable residence located in the heart of Jakarta. 

Prestigious Neighborhood

Senopati Apartment located amongst the three best business districts in South Jakarta which are Blok M, Mampang and SCBD (Sudirman Center Business District). With that reputation uphold, no wonder there are a lot of entertainment destination located around the prestigious neighborhood. There are tons of high-class and fancy restaurants available from Senayan up to Jalan Suryo with various specialties from Dine in Burger, Japanese food, Korean food, European food, up to pastry and patisserie. 

Aside from that, there are various fancy malls located near this residence such as Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, Pacific Place, and FX Sudirman. Some of these malls even have business center, meeting spot, branded outlets, and fancy dining restaurants inside. No wonder, staying around Senopati could be very beneficial with various entertainment destinations nearby.

Public Transportation

If you’re looking for a residence that located amongst prestigious business center as well as neighborhood and public transportation, then Senopati Apartment definitely should be included on the top of your list. With walking distance in less than a kilometer, you can easily reach out Senayan MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) Station, which also integrated to Transjakarta’s bus stop in Bundaran Senayan. Both MRT and transjakarta are the best transportation choice round Jakarta with its affordable price and well-prepared route. 

Room Types

There are two types of room in this residence which are Service Apartment and Penthouse, each offers different style of living. Service Apartment is 166 square meters wide, while the penthouse is twice as large. Each apartment is fully furnished, with tv cable in cozy living room, private telephone line, spacious bedrooms, luxurious kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Service charges and cablevision are also included in the apartment rent. Additional charges may apply based on your request. There are 52 apartment units in total, and each has 2 bedrooms including 4 penthouses with 3 bedrooms.

Facilities and Amenities Offered

There are various wonderful facilities and amenities offered by this residence such as swimming pool, which can be used for an all-round swimming exercise to build endurance as well as toning up your body and muscle. Senopati apartment also offers whirlpool and Jacuzzi, which is the best choice to relaxing your blood vessels, improves body circulation, and relaxed joints while spending time with your loved ones. There are meeting room which could be an ideal place for a meeting with your business partner, and children playground which can be the best place to play for your children. 

Well-Prepared Security System

Senopati apartment also offers well-prepared security system with 24 hours security guard. Aside from that, this residence also offers 24 hours services and maintenances. Integrated fire alarm and security system are also ready to prevent you from unwanted scenarios. CCTVs are also available on each floors and every corner. Moreover, this residence also provides well-experienced staffs that know and understand how to help during emergency situations.  

All of the reasons above could be such a great offer for all of your problems during your stay in Jakarta. Feel free to check Senopati Apartment’s website for other additional information that you need!

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