How Can Foreigners Open a Bank Account in Indonesia?

How Can Foreigners Open a Bank Account in Indonesia?

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Either for personal or business financial transaction, you will be required to have a personal account in a local bank. If you’re currently in Indonesia, there are some requirements you have to prepare. Yes, sometimes a banking process can get a little complex, but you don’t need to worry.

Recently, the process has already been simplified to allow smoother banking transactions as the expat population in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, grows. This guide will help you get to know everything you need about opening a bank account in Indonesia.

Make sure you have a Temporary Residence Permit Card (KITAS)

To help foreigner open a bank account in Indonesia, most banks usually require an identity card as one of the supporting documents. Since you’re a foreigner, you will most likely be required to submit KITAS, a temporary residence permit card. There are four types of KITAS that you could choose, which include:

  •    KITAS sponsored by Indonesian entities (work permit)
  •    KITAS sponsored by Indonesian spouse
  •    Retirement KITAS
  •    Dependent KITAS

For your information, usually, you will have to wait for over six months to obtain a residency permit like KITAS. So, make sure you have a thorough preparation before foreigner open bank account in Indonesia.

What if you don’t have one? Is it still possible for foreigners to open a bank account in Indonesia?

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for a foreigner to open a bank account in Indonesia without a residence permit. This is also why you might find many foreigners who choose to keep using their foreign bank account, but this can be very time-wasting.

However, there’s a new work permit regulation in Indonesia that was published in October 2015. This regulation stated that foreigners who stay for a while in Indonesia to attend meetings, training, short courses, or seminars don’t have to apply for IMTA, which is a work permit for foreign workers in Indonesia. Instead, you should apply for a business visa instead. This visa can help you open a bank account in Indonesia as long as you don’t use the visa to get employed or receive a salary.

Other documents to prepare

Besides KITAS or business visa, you will also be required to bring other documents to make sure your visit to the bank goes smoothly. Each bank has its own requirements for a foreigner to open a bank account in Indonesia. That being said, it’s better if you do a few research beforehand. However, typically you will be required to bring these documents:

  •    Passport
  •    4×6 photograph
  •    Letter from employer or permanent residence license
  •    In some cases, you may also need to submit an existing debit or credit card, residency contact, domicile letter, bank document from your country of origin, and your spouse’s government-issued ID.

Are there any banking fees involved?

Just like any other bank accounts, most Indonesian banks will most likely charge you with a number of fees. Some of which include monthly administration fees, ATM fees (if you use an ATM from another bank), fees to keep your balance above a certain minimum, and fees for international transfers. For foreigners open bank account in Indonesia, most local banks may also require you to make a minimum deposit, typically around IDR 1 million or USD 100.

With a bank account, you can make various transactions during your stay in Indonesia. Usually, you will also be given an ATM card, which you can use to withdraw money and us as a payment media. However, please keep in mind that each bank usually has its own additional requirements. So, conducting research beforehand is very much suggested. Good luck!


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