Jakarta Expat Living Area Most Recommended!

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Jakarta Expat Living Area Most Recommended!


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Among several places in Indonesia, Jakarta is believed by many expats as a favorite place since holding a status as capital city. By that, Jakarta expat living area is now on the rising, but how Jakarta held this privilege compared to other city in Indonesia?

Well, the answer is many. To be sure, a side from its status as capital city, Jakarta is a business hub. There are also several places that offer the best expat neighborhood in Jakarta. But, let’s get to the basic to understand why this phenomenon is happened.

Best Expat Cities in Indonesia 


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There are, at least, three biggest location for expats to live in Indonesia. Aside Jakarta, two other cities are Bali and Yogyakarta. Those cities are stand on the same level in almost everything, except one.

While the last two city are thick with cultural attraction, they are lack in business facilities. The basic reason why most expats deciding to live in Indonesia is because they have business which takes couple months, even years. This is way they pick Jakarta rather than other cities.

Jakarta expat living area is also widely known as the most ideal since depicted a real neighborhood. High-end housing, international school, coworking space, public health care, mall and restaurant, all are available in Jakarta. 

Not to mention, Bali and Yogyakarta are also famous with neighborhood expat and provided plenty working spaces but not with business hub. Those city are great for leisure, nothing more. Every big decisions from economic and politic are took a place at Jakarta.

Though, Jakarta expat living area is divided in different zones. From Jakarta itself, you can choose between central or south Jakarta. Another options, you can take suburb area such as Bekasi, Karawang, or other city that surrounded Jakarta.

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