Why Kemang Apartment Is Best-Suited for Expat in Jakarta?

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Why Kemang Apartment Is Best-Suited for Expat in Jakarta?


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Finding an ideal neighborhood for expat is not easy task, though it is the most critical thing to do, especially if you want to stay at Jakarta for couple months, even years. A supportive environment is a must have feature in order to bring comfort feeling as home.

At Kemang apartment, you will find a friendly environment that suit with your daily needs. Based on idea of serviced apartment, you can have a hassle-free of service while staying here. After all, Kemang Apartment (expat friendly Jakarta) is a management company that specially designed for expat community at Jakarta.

Why Kemang apartment is a great option for Jakarta expats?


Expertise in expats

Kemang apartment is an expat serviced apartment that specialize to serve a broaden community of expat in Jakarta. Kemang expat friendly Jakarta is well-known for its service and expert in this field due to our experience. More than 30% of expats who lives here have been stayed for over ten years. No need to mention that Kemang apartment is built for last since incorporating a modern earthquake-proof tech. 

Our task is simply to ensure you gets everything you need from a residence. You will feel as comfort as your home, yet you will be surrounded by best amenities as you get in the hotel.

What you need is to call and we will help you to handle all of your concerns with the best effort. Whether registering for the first time or do something like maintenance and housekeeping, you will be free of it.


Cost Effectiveness


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Through the best amenities similar to the hotel and the same atmosphere which you only can find at your home, Kemang expat friendly Jakarta offering you a competitive price. You will have a great value on your spending beside expat living cost in Jakarta.

For every expat, you will rest easy knowing that you only have to pay in a competitive price in order to get quality service and secure. It allows you to enjoy Jakarta while doing your task. Everything you need to live in a hassle-free is available here waiting for you.



We deeply understand that every of you needs a specific requirement about ideal apartment, and so with all facilities to comply your daily task. Flexibility is the thing that almost you can find at here.  Whether you are professional or freelance, you can access this apartment in any time you like.

Due to its strategic location, near to business district, entertainment areas, public health, culinary attraction like Japanese restaurants, and international school, Kemang expat friendly Jakarta has direct access to almost various ways. It will give you advantage since you can save your precious time. Regarded to facilities and features, we offer you a flexibility to custom your very room according to your preference.


Single transaction

We intent you to get the best accommodation in a hustle-bustle city of Jakarta. In order to avoid the hassle with the administration and payment, we will take care anything like utilities, internet, cable TV, contract of lease, documentation like making permit or KITAS in Indonesia, and other bills.

This Kemang expat friendly Jakarta offering a 24-hours support for every tenants. Any problems or questions related to unit and facilities inside it, such as poor internet access or simply needs a guidance to the nearest place, we always have the best answered.



Kemang Pool

Kemang Pool

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All you get from Kemang expat friendly Jakarta is nothing rather than comfort. We guarantee every step at your room is designed to it, especially with modern furniture options and room allure. As a serviced apartment, various facilities are already equipped such as swimming pool, gym, sport areas, car park, and security.

While enjoying the room, you have wifi access, cable TV, laundry, utilities, maid service or room service. All of those features and facilities are free for every guest. We will take care everything at home, allowing you to focus on important tasks you have.

Since Kemang apartment is dedicated to expat only, you will have the same environment as your origin place. In fact, this is the only place that offers such environment for expat in Jakarta. At the time, we already facilitated every expat from various region such as Europe, America, Asia, and many more.



Kemang apartment will provide a personalized residence depending on your personality taste, required furniture, number of room, desired location and size, even your budget. With a different concern that you have, we understand that you need a distinguish room design to maximize your productivity.

As a serviced apartment, we also offer you a desired requirement layout such as accommodating your pets, a child-friendly feature, or having a specific beds. In Kemang expat friendly Jakarta, you are almost have anything you wish for.

For more information related to Kemang expat friendly Jakarta, please have a virtual tour at our channel to get a perfect apartment idea which supports you in every task trough high comfortness. Feel free to drop your message at our contact and let us help you at the best way we can.


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