Important! 5 Best Hospitals and Clinics in Kemang

Nobody wants to get sick, obviously. However, under certain conditions, you would inevitably, even though you have maintained your health in various ways. The problem is, there are certain diseases that cannot be cured using only everyday drugs. If so, the best step is to bring the patient to the hospital or clinic to be given a treatment by medical professionals.

Well, for those who live in Kemang area, here are some hospitals and clinics you have to know.

Brawijaya Clinic Kemang

Located on Kemang Rata Street No. 83, Brawijaya Clinic has complete facilities. This 2-story building provides various outpatient or polyclinic facilities and services such as Obstery & Gynecology, Pediatric, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, ENT, Neurology, Nutrition, Lactation, General, General and Specialists Dental clinics. It also includes non-medical services such as pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, physiotherapy, and electronic medical records.


Jakarta Medical Center Hospital

Located at Warung Buncit Raya Street No. 15 South Jakarta, Jakarta Medical Center Hospital has various medical service facilities such as children’s polyclinic, mental polyclinic, cardiac polyclinic, skin and genital polyclinic, and many others. In addition, the Jakarta Medical Center Hospital is also equipped with facilities such as ambulances, hemodialysis, a 24-hour pharmacy, maternity clinic, ICU, and many others.


Global Doctor Indonesia

Global Doctor Indonesia in South Jakarta is known as a health clinic for expatriates and their families. Located at Warung Jati Barat No. 98 Kalibata – Pancoran, the 24-hour clinic across Asia such as China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia only provides general health and dental health services.


ASRI Hospital

Since its establishments in 2008. The ASRI Hospital located on Duren Tiga street no. 20 Mampang, South Jakarta is devoted to the care of patients with innovative techniques and technologies for genitourinary diseases such as prostate surgery, urothelial tumor surgery, stone surgery, and urethral procedure for congenital and is the best urological treatment provider in Indonesia for both male and female patients.


Pertamina Central Hospital

Established 44 years ago, Pertamina Central Hospital is supported by more than 1000 professionals who have various medical services including Emergency Services, Medical Rehabilitation, Intensive Care Units, Stroke Units, and Hemodialysis. It also has post office non-medical facilities, mosque, canteen, minimarket, lodging and even helipad field to speed up handling.

Those are 5 recommendations of the nearest hospital and clinic around Kemang. The importance of health facilities is one of the reasons for most people to choose a residence that’s close to them, like Senopati Apartment.

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