5 Recommended Korean Restaurants in Senopati to Try Tonight

Korean fever goes all over the world, including Indonesia. Not only its showbiz, its culinary is also increasingly easy to find in Jakarta, especially in the south part of it. It’s no secret that South Jakarta is the favorite location of expatriates who reside here. One of the main reasons is the diversity of place to eat, like these 5 recommended Korean Restaurants in this Senopati area.

#1 Born Ga

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What makes Born Ga so fascinating is its side dish, which ranges from macaroni salad, salad with vinegar, corn pancakes, to mango salad. The juicy, chosen baked meat there ensures your tongue gets spoiled. There are various options on its menu. For example, if you love the BBQ cooking style, there are available cookwares with smoke on each table. Korean specialties with a wide selection of fresh sauce are also available there. Not to mention the super tasty kimchiya.

#2 Jjang Korean Noodle and Grill Senopati

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Seafood lovers surely can’t resist Budae Jigae Seafood at Jjang Korean Noodle and Grill. A variety of seafood is provided there, such as squid, fish, shellfish, fish cake, and shrimp, complete with vegetables and kimchi as the bonus. Feel the chime of spicy and the fresh sour taste on your tongue. A serving of Budae Jigae Seafood is for 2-3 people. Many processed noodles are also available here, not to mention a selection of sauce such as the yummy processed black bean sauce. Jjiang Korean Noodle & Grill is located at Wolter Monginsidi No. 39, South Jakarta.

#3 Arasseo Soju Bar & Eatery

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Korean restaurants are better visited for a group dining, due to its jumbo-serving meal, like a tasty large portion of Cheese Chicken. The Rice Balls with rich sesame flavor and nori are also there for you. The famous Korean drinks, such as Boricha Hot, a Korean fresh tea, and various sojus are also provided here. The pleasant atmosphere of Arasseo makes the visitors feel at home while enjoying their meal.


#4 Legend of Noodle

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True to its name, Legend of Noodle’s specialty is its noodle menu. Its Jajangmyeon, in particular, is widely praised by many Korean food lovers. The big size of Haemull jjampong is also available as one of the mainstay menu there. The fishy-free shrimp, squid, baby octopus, and green mussels cooked with a fresh soup are also there for you. Its location is at Senopati Street No. 81, Kebayoran Baru and it is open every day from 11.00 to 21.30.

#5 Magal Korean BBQ

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This particular restaurant has a variety of dishes for 3-4 people. Based on the price, you will get different variants of the menu. The meat is thinly sliced and fat-free, making Korean food lovers satisfied even in a large portion. If you are a Korean movie addict, you surely have known how to enjoy the typical Korean food, haven’t you?

Senopati Apartment, strategically located in South Jakarta provides you with the ease of both going to the workplace and also exciting hangout places. The delicious and exciting meal of Korean resto and friendly chats strengthen the bond between colleagues and friends.


Which Korean restaurant would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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