Ranking of our Top 5 Recommended Kemang Coffee Shops

Coffee Shop is increasing not only in numbers but also its uniqueness these recent years. Coffee has been a part of nowadays lifestyle; from young to old, and male to female. Exciting chats to productive talks can flow seamlessly from just sharing a cup of it with friends. Here are our top 5 recommended places to get some coffee in Kemang.

#1 Anomali Coffee

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Cold or hot, single-origin or blended? Anomali Coffee Kemang is a place worth to visit. Born as one of the coffee shop pioneers with the Midas-touch, Anomali Coffee has got a place inside the hearts of coffee lovers. It is located at Kemang Raya Street No. 72, making it quite easy to find. With the perfect combination of good coffee and comfy sofas, Anomali Coffee Kemang is the perfect place for a meeting point for meetings or hangout. You can also get the takeaway package when you wish to enjoy it on the way home.

#2 Liberica Coffee

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Besides its coffee and snacks, this particular coffee shop also offers heavy meals, thus, making it a One-stop service coffee shop in Kemang. Various types of heavy meal are provided there, such as soups (iga, betawi), many selections of fried rice, western food, and Asian food. For having a coffee yourself, meeting, or nesting, Liberica Coffee on Jalan Kemang Raya provides you a cozy and recommended place. No need to worry about the parking area around Gedung Colony 6, the location of this coffee shop.

#3 Coffeewar

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Often used for discussions or music performance events, Coffeewar has been a familiar name to the youngsters and coffee-lovers around South Jakarta. The open kitchen concept ensures the personal contact between baristas and visitors. Even though it is located in East Kemang, it’s always a crowded place whenever there’s an event going on. The selected coffee beans across Indonesia are provided here, satisfying coffee lovers directly from their baristas. It has a long opening hours- from 10 am up until early hours. It’s a recommended place to do your work, read books, gather with friends, have a discussion, or just have a relaxed day for yourself. Guaranteed!

#4 “7 Speed Coffee”

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Its hideous location makes the South Jakarta coffee-hunters more curious. After moving from Fatmawati area to Kemang Utara Street Block A No. 33, Kemang, 7 Speed Coffee is crowded by more visitors each day. Not only its viral “White Fuel”, but also its ambiance that makes this coffee shop such a comfortable and cozy place. If you are a cappuccino-lover, make sure to taste the delicious blend from 7 Speed coffee barista. To accompany your coffee, there are selections of snacks, such as warm risol and lasagna. Yummy!

#5 Treeangelo Coffee

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Located on the third floor of Kemang 15 building on Jalan Kemang Raya, visitors are presented with the beautiful views if Kemang from above. Both smoking and non-smoking area are provided for you, coffee-lovers who want to indulge themselves with drinks, snacks, and heavy meals at Treeangelo Coffee. Yes, in addition to its coffee, Treeangelo also offers you a choice of dishes, such as Bacon and Chorizo Potato Breakfast Hash, a variety of Pasta, and many types of fried rice/roast. Lingering yourself in Treeangelo, why not?

Living in South Jakarta is the best choice for you. Surrounded by easily accessible coffee shops, you, your thirst for caffeine will surely be spoiled. Many choices of coffee shops with its coffee and accompanying menu make South Jakarta, especially Kemang, a favorite location. Kemang Apartment by Pudjiadi Prestige, located very close to many best coffee shops in Kemang surely gives an ease of access to them. Have a coffee today!


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