4 Co-Working Spaces You Can Walk from Kemang Apartment by Pudjiadi Prestige

This digital age has made many changes in our life, both positive and negative. One of the positive ones is the increased flexibility of workplace. So much that some works can be done without literally being in a “real workplace”/office. With a proper internet connection, a set of laptop and its equipment, one can do their work almost everywhere these days, such as in a cafe and a co-working space. The latter is increasingly becoming a favorite nowadays.

Co-working space has become one of the solutions for freelancers and/or startup owners who want to get an office “atmosphere” with more flexibility in time management while preparing one. The co-working space owners usually have various packages, like based on the duration or the capacity and the facilities needed. Speaking of which, Kemang, South Jakarta has some favorite co-working spaces for millennials in Jakarta.

Freeware Labs Kemang

sumber : www.xwrok.co

Located at Bangka Street XII no. 4 Mampang, Freeware Labs Kemang provides many selections of packages and rooms for your work. It provides facilities like projectors, WiFi, mineral water, flipchart, and free coffee or tea. There are rooms for 3-13 people and also an outdoor area for up to 100 people. Don’t worry, there’s also a “snack package” to support your work.

Impact Hub Jakarta at Coworkinc

Sumber: workfrom.co

Besides providing a comfortable working space, Impact Hub Jakarta also becomes a workers and startups community. Yes, not only a place to work, it also connects the startups and professionals from over 80 countries.  That is, you have the possibility to connect with startups all over the world.


sumber : www.coworking.id

With an industrial-style room design, it doesn’t take a long time for Conclave to become “the talk of the town” among freelancers and workers who seek a comfortable workspace. It is undeniable that the interior design affects the person’s mood when it comes to job completion. Although it comes with an open-plan space, there are many available tables for your workbench. With its communal nature, Conclave opens up the possibility for each member to cooperate or maybe, even have a new partnership. A photo studio and an auditorium for 120 people are also provided there. It is located at Wijaya Street 1 No. 5 Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru.


sumber : www.workout.id

The cubical style of Workout is one of the most interesting things it offers- feels like you’re working in your own office. No need to worry about the security issue as each cubical is only for you to use. There’s no need to bring your messy equipment there, just have your laptop and its charger. Open on weekdays, Monday to Friday at 9am-5pm. It is located at Perkantoran Grand Panglima Polim Kav 1, South Jakarta

So, what keeps you from staying in Kemang Apartment? With various easily accessible co-working spaces, it surely enhances your productivity. The close proximity of your resting place and workplace will make your life better in quality, especially for your modern lifestyle. Living in a prestigious neighborhood in South Jakarta with all conveniences like cozy co-working spaces surely offers a big advantage for you.


Which coworking space do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments below.



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