Decorative Lights, a Beautiful Solution for Your Minimalist Bedroom

Besides illuminating your room, decorative lights can also be used to make your room look more beautiful. It adds a modern impression, especially when placed side by side with the main ones. They can not only be placed in your living room, but also in your own bedroom to make your sleep more comfortable.

So, what kind of decorative lights are suitable for your bedroom? Consider these following ideas!

Typographic Decorative Lights

The creative design of typographic room lights can be used to beautify the bedroom, especially for you with young-spirit.  Choose a unique shape that can describe your character and personality.

Origami Decorative Lights


This kind of decorative lights makes use of the origami as the place for LED lights. Made from colorful origami paper, they will beautify the bedroom with their unique shape and color.


Fabric Decorative Lights



With a contemporary theme and made of fabric, this light will make your minimalist bedroom more beautiful. With its simple shape, you can be assured that you would sleep well each night.

Standing Lights


Actually, this one type isn’t designed to be placed in the bedroom, but with its high shape, these standing decorative lights can be your light source for a minimalist room. Well, certainly it also saves space too. It’s also moveable especially when you want to change your bedroom layout.

Lace-Decorated Lights


Not only does it make your minimalist room look classic and beautiful, the lace-decorated lights will also bring an elegant and romantic atmosphere to your room. It’s suitable for women who live in a comfortable residence like Apartemen Selatan.


Those are some ideas for using decorative lights to make your minimalist bedroom. Look more beautiful. Keep in mind, match your lamp with the room’s theme and decoration. A simple bedroom should be combined with matching sleeping lights so that it will improve the comfort of your rest time.


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