This is How Foreigners Can Get a Phone Number in Indonesia

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“One cannot not communicate.”

It’s safe to say that everyone agrees with what Paul Watzlawick, a communication theorist, says above. As social creatures, we can’t live without interacting with other human beings. The good news is we don’t have to worry about how to communicate anymore, since there are a lot of technology innovations that allow us to communicate with each other more conveniently these days.

This convenience also applies for foreigners who are currently in Indonesia. As foreigners, you still can make a phone call as long as you have a phone number. Yes, you can use your old phone number to make a call, the one you got from your original country. But it will be a lot cheaper and more convenient if you get SIM card telephone number in Indonesia. Here’s how you can do it!

Where to get a prepaid SIM card in Indonesia

Since most people in Indonesia use a mobile phone, fortunately it’s not that hard to get SIM card telephone number in Indonesia, especially if you currently stay a major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, or Bali. In many roadsides, you will find several shops that specifically sell SIM cards from various local providers. Besides these shops, usually a number of cellphone companies open their own stores at malls. You can also get your SIM card here. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller to help you register the card on the spot.

Choosing a mobile phone number in Indonesia

When choosing a SIM card mobile phone number in Indonesia, you need to pay attention to the service offered. It’s better to choose a SIM card that comes preloaded with data since it will help simplify the process. However, make sure that the advertised data is not just “local data”, which means it’s only good in the specific area where it’s sold. Opt for a SIM card that offers “Flash” internet service.

Fortunately, there are many local providers in Indonesia that offer such a service. Telkomsel has by far the best coverage across Indonesia. Well, this may vary by region you’re currently in, but generally this provider has the fastest speed. If you live in Jakarta, especially in Senopati Apartment by Pudjiadi Prestige, you don’t need to worry about the signal since this area is known as one of the busiest districts in Jakarta.

Some of Telkomsel’s popular cards include Loop and simPATI. In addition to Telkomsel, some other SIM card providers in Indonesia that you can consider are XL, Indosat Ooredoo, Axis, and 3/Tri.

How much do you need to pay for a prepaid SIM card in Indonesia?

SIM card telephone number in Indonesia is generally pretty cheap. Some providers even offer as low as IDR 10,000. The price usually depends on how much data is offered. However, be careful if you find big advertising like 20GB or more data. It usually comes with certain terms and conditions.

For instance, you can only use it after midnight, only work with 4G, or only work for video streaming service like HOOQ. If you’re not feeling sure, don’t hesitate to confirm with the seller. To play it safe, you can buy a cheap SIM card telephone number in Indonesia and top it up later.

Don’t forget to register your SIM card

As of May 1st, 2018, a new regulation requires all foreigners to register their SIM cards with either KITAS, KITAP, or passport. There are several ways to register your phone number. Here’s a little guide to help you:

  • SMS – send your passport number or KITAS/KITAP number to 4444.
  • Online – download the application of cellular service operator and follow the instruction.
  • Cellular provider service gallery – Bring your passport and/or KITAS/KITAP, and you will be assisted to make a SIM card registration without additional fees.


We hope this quick guideline can help you get a SIM card phone number in Indonesia. With a SIM card, you not only will be able to make phone calls or send text messages, but also purchase a data package to access internet. Did you find this information helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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