Expats! This is your Complete Guide to Making KITAS in Indonesia [2020]

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KITAS Indonesia (Kartu Izin Tinggal Izin Sementara) is a limited stay permit for expatriates who are planning to work or stay in Indonesia longer than a few months. The permit will be valid from six months to two years (and allowed for a total of 6 six years extension). It requires an Indonesian sponsorship, whether it comes from a corporation (as an employer) or individual (as a spouse). This article elaborates the procedures of applying KITAS in Indonesia.

Who is allowed to apply for KITAS?

Not all expatriates need to apply for KITAS during his stay in Indonesia. If you’re here for a holiday that doesn’t last for more than 30 days, you don’t need to apply for KITAS. The Indonesian government offers a 30-day free tourist visa in addition to visa on arrival.

But if you’re planning to stay longer in Indonesia for various purposes, you are required to apply for KITAS. Don’t try to overstay your period of a tourist visa or you’ll be imposed with a maximum fine of IDR500 million and a maximum five years imprisonment.

Different types of KITAS

KITAS Indonesia is available in four types. It’s important to know each type of KITAS so that you know which one is most suitable for your need.

  •    Work KITAS

In order to obtain a work KITAS, you need to make sure first that you have a sponsoring entity that is registered in Indonesia. This entity can be your representative office, a foundation, Indonesian limited liability company (PT), or foreign-owned limited liability company (PT PMA). Since the limited stay permit is issued based on the approval of your work permit, which requires the details of your job title and location, you need to confirm your position at the sponsoring company.

What does your job title have to do with KITAS Indonesia?

Well, the length of your KITAS depends on your job title. So, each expatriate can get a different length of KITAS. For example, commissioners and directors are allowed to get an extendable 1-year work KITAS. It can be different if you’re currently holding a manager position.

  •    Marriage KITAS

Besides representative office or foundation, you can also apply for a KITAS sponsored by your Indonesian spouse after getting married. Please note that spouse-sponsored KITAS is different from the permanent stay permit (KITAP). If you plan to apply for a KITAP instead, you need to be married for at least two years.

Another important thing to remember is that spouse-sponsored KITAS only allows you to live in Indonesia, but not to work. You will need a working KITAS if you want to work in a company or start your own business.

  •    Retirement KITAS

This type of KITAS is suited for expatriates who have reached the age of 55 years old and don’t plan to work in Indonesia. Retirement KITAS allows you to live in Indonesia, lease property, and enter the country as many as you like. It’s valid for one year only, but it’s extendable four times.

However, there are a few requirements you need to meet in order to apply for retirement KITAS Indonesia. Besides the age requirement, you also need to employ a domestic helper (maid) in Indonesia, one-year period lease agreement in Indonesia, a monthly pension of at least US$1,500 or a copy of deposit account showing US$18,000 in the statement, and health insurance that covers Indonesia.

  •    Family KITAS (Dependent KITAS)

Family KITAS or dependent KITAS is KITAS Indonesia that is obtained by your spouse or children with your sponsor. Let’s say you’re already a KITAS holder and you’re planning to live in Indonesia with your spouse and children under the age of 17. They can apply for dependent KITAS with you as their sponsor.

Please note that dependent KITAS or family KITAS cannot be used for working purpose. The period of a dependent KITAS is the same as your KITAS.

General requirements to apply for KITAS

Each type of KITAS has its own requirements. However, there are some general requirements that you need to pay attention to in order to apply for KITAS.

  •  Application form in obtaining a KITAS, which you need to submit directly to the immigration office;
  •    Original passport;
  •    Copy of limited stay visa (VITAS/VTT);
  •    Copy of the foreign manpower utilization plan (RPTKA);
  •    Letter of guarantee, signed by a guarantor;
  •    Letter of domicile;
  •    Copy of the work permit (if you apply for a working KITAS)
  •    Copy of receipt of DPKK (state development fund for the Indonesia workforce)
  •    Copy of marriage certificate, only applies if you are married (optional)
  •    Copy of birth certificate, only applies if you have children (optional)

Procedures to acquire Working KITAS

Working KITAS is needed if you plan to work for a company or open a business in Indonesia. Yes, even if you have another type of KITAS, you still need a working KITAS to be able to work legally here. The process is slightly different from other KITAS.

  •    Acquiring IMTA and VITAS Approval

Before applying for a working KITAS, you need to obtain your working permit first. This permit is called IMTA (Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Asing). Your company or employer must propose to use foreign manpower to the Local Manpower Department. There will be an interview session with people from the ministry. If the proposal is approved, the pre-IMTA can be processed further. In order to obtain an IMTA, you need to make DKP-TKA advanced payment of US$100 per month.

Besides IMTA, you also need to apply for a temporary stay visa (VITAS) upon arrival. The approval takes approximately five working days. After the Indonesian Immigration Office in Jakarta approves your VITAS application, they’ll send it to the Indonesian embassy abroad and you can collect it before coming to Indonesia.

  •    Converting VITAS into Work KITAS

This VITAS is your golden ticket to obtain a working KITAS. Once you arrive in Indonesia, you have only 30 days to convert VITAS into KITAS. Besides submitting an application form and required documents, you will have to go through a process of biometric data at the immigration office. The process usually takes around eight working days.

  •    Civil Registration and Reporting

After your KITAS Indonesia is officially issued, don’t forget to go through the process of civil registration and reporting. First, make sure to prepare all the documents required for living in Indonesia. After presenting them at the civil administration department, you will get the official civil certificate.

Estimated time of procedures

The process of making KITAS Indonesia can be very tiring to some. However, the time period of KITAS procedures really depends on the type of KITAS and how fast the authorities process. However, here is the estimated time so that you can prepare yourself:

  •    Working KITAS        : 1.5 to 2.5 months
  •    Spouse-sponsored KITAS : 1 month
  •    Retirement KITAS : 10 business days from the day of submission.


The procedure of acquiring residence status is quite long and can be time-consuming. However, there are many privileges that can be obtained if you’re a KITAS Indonesia holder. You can apply for SIM (Indonesian driving license), easier on local bureaucracy procedures, or even get promo. If you’re a 5 years KITAS holder, it’s also allowed to acquire a KITAP (permanent stay permit).

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