Dual-Purpose Furniture for Your Small Apartment

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Having a small comfortable apartment like Apartemen Selatan PT Pudjiadi Prestige means you have to be smart in handling its decoration. So that your small room can look stylish, minimalist, spacious, and more importantly, be comfortable to live in.


Well, here are some tips for decorating your small apartment:

–    Place a partition to divide one room with another, especially in an open-space apartment.

–    Choose a vertical storage concept

–    Create an efficient organizing system to neatly arrange your room.

–    And more importantly, balance the functionality and the comfortability of your apartment. You can try this by choosing practical and highly efficient dual-purpose furniture.


Due to its small size, every inch of your apartment is valuable. Therefore, for maximum utilization, it is advisable to choose multifunctional furniture, for examples:



Who would have thought that there are soft beds hiding behind a work desk? By using a murphy table, you just have to turn the top of your work table and your soft bed is ready for use.




This is a bed that can be folded into a seat by removing its bond and making it the pad on the floor. This unique sofa type chair can be used as a living room or relaxing bedroom sofa.




Beside sofa bed, you can also use a bed which its bottom side can be used as a cupboard or to store clothes and other equipment. A set of this minimalist furniture is proven to be functional and yet, meets the needs of your small room.

In addition, you can place a dining table with a storage to store various things. All in all, dual-purpose furniture really helps you to save a lot of space in your small apartment.

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