List of Online Organic Food Shopping and Delivery in Jakarta

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List of Online Organic Food Shopping and Delivery in Jakarta

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Are you into organic foods? Well, if you do, then it’s good for you. Very often, organic foods have more favorable nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts. In addition, people with allergies to foods, substances, or preservatives most of the time find their symptoms lessen when they only consume organic foods. Containing fewer pesticides, organic foods are undoubtedly good for your health.

The good news is, if you are living in Jakarta, there are several organic food shops and delivery you can choose to provide the organic goods you need. What are they? Here is the full information!

Keranjang Sayur

To have fresh foodstuff every day is such a pleasing habit. And you can always have them on your table each morning by using Keranjang Sayur. This organic food delivery provides a service for fruits, organic vegetables, free-range chicken, meat, seafood, to spices. All of their food products are directly sourced from their farm at Cisarua, Bogor, as well as their other food fabricators. To make an order from this online shopping which delivers every morning at 6:00 AM to Jabodetabek, you can either visit their website or contact them via Whatsapp at 087777347327.

Namaste Organic

With a cool climate, Bandung is a good place for farming. No wonder many organic food shopping and delivery businesses have their farm based in Bandung. Namaste Organic is one of them. This organic shop stocks imported and local organic products such as nuts, grains, honey, and cashew butter. You can make an order via telephone number 0817175300 and get your order delivered to Jakarta and greater area.

Green Initiative Foundation

This online organic food shopping and delivery are located at Utan Kayu 68H, Jakarta. It doesn’t only serve healthy organic vegetables, but also a small selection of organic fruits as well. To help you find the best products based on your household or business needs, Green Initiative Foundation also offers numerous different-sized basket options. You can get your foodstuff delivered weekly on Wednesdays. Or, if you find it a little bit difficult to be home when the delivery arrives, you can get a monthly invoicing scheme to make things easier for you.

FAM Organic

When you buy products which you know where they are from, it’s easy to put your trust and feel relax. You can get your trustworthy organic foods from FAM Organic, a family business founded in 2009. FAM started with a 3,500 square meter farm located in Karyawangi Village, West Bandung. You can order everything from their farm, vegetables, to microgreens. If you want to start your own garden, you can also order tools and supplies from here. is an app that helps people order organic foods from their farm partners. Simply put, this start-up works by getting people together to place a group order with a network of farm partners. The group can coordinate through this app. In addition, this organic food delivery also manages partner farms’ delivery, only to the greater Jakarta area for the moment. To place your order of organic foods from is a good option since they currently have around 60 types of local vegetables on offer.


When you plan to have a healthier life, having organic foods is one of the answers. You need to find the best organic shop, so you can get the best impact. Javara can be a good option for you because it doesn’t only provide organic products that are certified, but also securely grown products without the uses of GMO and chemical inputs. As one of the pioneers in Indonesia’s organic and sustainable food products, Javara offers a variety of foodstuff, from sugar, herb, to spices.

Green Valley Jakarta

Located at Kemanggisan Utama Raya Number 35D, Slipi, Jakarta, Green Valley Jakarta is a family-run business you can get your desirable food products from. You can get fresh vegetable delivered to your house or anywhere around Jakarta areas. This organic shop which has a small storage facility in Slipi area also caters for large or small customers. If you are interested in making an order, you can contact them via telephone number at 087861610800 or 087883982999.

Big Tree Farms

Originally, Big Tree Farms is an organic food company based in Bali, Indonesia. Since this organic food delivery works directly with more than 14,000 small farmers to create transparency, high-quality products, and socially equitable supply relationships, it has become bigger and gains more customers. This organic shop keeps on growing, and also harvesting, processing, and manufacturing organic tropical foodstuffs from coco sugars, coco hydro instant coconut water, honey, to spices and sea salts. Do you want to make an order? You can contact them via telephone number at +62361-8463327.

Warung Kebunku

The Indonesian name makes this organic food feel more local. And it’s not just the name; Warung Kebunku is a right place to order healthy food with no MSG and palm oil, just like healthy Indonesia. Warung Kebunku also produces organic products from their own garden, so no need to question the freshness of their offered products. Get your food products delivered by contacting them through telephone number at 081310077756 or 0817778004.


As its name implies, this organic food delivery has a singular focus on cocoa, chocolate particularly. So, if you want to have some fresh chocolate, Kakoa is the right place to get that. This organic shop keeps on growing. It’s smart as it chooses to open an e-Commerce store on Bukalapak, online marketplace in Indonesia. Products you can order from here are varied, from chocolate crumbles, flakes, to discs. For tea lovers, Kakoa also has good news as it recently branched out into tea.

With the list of online organic food delivery in Jakarta as mentioned above, now you can get organic foods delivered right to your door. If you try to live a little healthier, using one of these online organic food shopping and delivery in Jakarta is one easy way to try.

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