Make Sure You Comply The Apartment’s Prohibition

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Living in an apartment has often been portrayed as the “individualistic” lifestyle. However, that doesn’t mean that each person can do as they please to the point they bother each other’s comfort.

The need for a comfortable place with a high level of privacy should be followed by an awareness and respect for others, especially for those with high mobility. Therefore, it’s important for the occupants to follow the applicable rules, including avoiding the prohibitions determined by management, such as following:

Bringing Pets

The presence of pets in an apartment can cause unwanted noise that can disturb other residents. Not to mention, if the animal runs and loiters in the corridor.

Drying Your Clothes in Balcony

In general, apartments are designed without the space to hang the clothes of the occupants’. Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the residents are not allowed to wash their clothes in the room, but it’s more advisable to choose laundry around the apartment. One more reason, it makes the apartment look cleaner and not shabby.

Cooking Food with Strong odor

For the sake of everyone’s comfort, avoid cooking food with a strong smell like salted fish, onions, chili sauce, shrimp paste that cause an unpleasant aroma for the neighbors around the unit.

Disturbing Other Residents

Please consider your volume when listening to your favorite songs or other activities such as gathering friends.

Misuse of Apartment’s Purpose

Several apartments are designed by combining commercial with residential aspects, but of course not on the same floor. It’s better to use residential apartments in accordance with their functions, housing and not for office or other commercial functions.


Those are some restrictions you have to know before deciding to live in an apartment, especially in Apartemen Selatan which has a humanist apartment concept and always tries the best for the comfort of its residents.

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