Now! Foreigners, do these 5 Tips to Find the Right Roommate in Jakarta

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Now! Foreigners, do these 5 Tips to Find the Right Roommate in Jakarta

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Moving to Jakarta as an expat or foreigner might be hard. You don’t know this city well, you don’t understand the culture yet, and you don’t know where to go to get your stuff. In such a condition, a roommate might be very helpful.

But, finding the right roommate in a big city like Jakarta is challenging. You have to find someone who can keep the room clean, ready to help you in such condition, and trustworthy. You also don’t want a jobless roommate. To help you find a perfect roommate, here are a few tips for you on how to find a roommate in Jakarta!

Put a note on your social media

Social media is all about interactions, so it makes sense for you to find and meet roommates through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Post a status update, Tweet, or create a story that asks whether anyone in your ‘followers list’ searches for a roommate.

If you have made a few choices at least, ask your future roommates to give you their names in social media, and let them know that you are interested in viewing their social media profile to get a better understanding of their personality. Remember that you don’t need to share personal information about you or your home publicly on the internet when you are looking for a roommate.

Use an online website to find a roommate (,

Today there is a lot of online websites that you can use as the answer on how to find a roommate in Jakarta. It usually sorts prospective roommates according to your lifestyle and common interests and thus takes time to carefully fill out your profile (or to answer questions) and help you find the ideal match.

Websites that provide matching services like and can be used. They provide a multilingual platform with excellent client-friendly development and a chance to create a personal profile. The system will be able to reach you via the web if a user is interested in contacting you. But don’t worry, they will not see your email address until you want to respond.

Join alumni networks

Another good way to find a roommate is through a network of alumni from your school, especially if you have just graduated. Many schools have a page for alumni dedicated to major cities all over the country.

Make sure you connect with them too if you have taken part in any big associations in class. In many cities throughout the world, sports teams and other clubs typically have an incredible social presence.

Bring the topic to your daily conversation

It’s okay to bring the topic about finding a roommate to your daily conversation. Let’s say you’re in an office or meeting a client. When she or he asks, “How are you doing?”—you can casually answer that you’re doing okay, but you’re currently looking for a roommate in Jakarta. It doesn’t matter if your friend or co-worker cannot help you right away. What matters is you try. Who knows they have another friend who is also looking for a roommate like you.

Ask a friend or someone you know

Just let your friends know that you’re looking for a roommate. Let them know any leads to you. However, remember that the attributes that make good friends vary from those that make good roommates. A ‘Party animal’ who has been disorganized may be fun to hang out with, but she/he may be difficult to live with. On the other hand, if you often have friends late at night, a calm and organized person could get on your nerves.

With these tips, you can easily find a roommate in Jakarta. Don’t forget, once you find one, meet him in person and just talk. Check whether both of you are perfect roommates for each other. Don’t know where to stay during your visit to Jakarta? Take a look at Senopati Apartment, Jl. Senopati No. 41, South Jakarta or simply check this link.

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