Living in an Apartment, Should We Keep a Good Relationship with Neighbours?

Living in a big city sometimes makes you wish to have more than just 24 hours per day. All the activities; be it for yourself or even your family, have to be planned so meticulously that they will actually work well and balanced. If so, how could you do it with your neighbors? If you are used to living independently, or rather, individually, it probably won’t be a problem. However, this is not entirely true if you love to socialize, especially if you used to live in a bigger community like Neighborhood Association (RT/Rukun Tetangga).

Even though there is no RT or whatsoever in an apartment life, keeping a good term with other residents is always a good thing to do, isn’t it? From those who stay on the same floor to someone whom you meet in a lift or people you see in the gym or swimming pool could give some positive vibes to you. Well, what are other benefits in keeping a good relationship with them?

More Business Networking


People who stay in an apartment usually have different jobs. Who knows that you can have a new potential business and networking just by frequent small chats in the gym? No need to be paranoid about them (and also you don’t want to be too friendly, of course). Who knows that some good things in your career can come from your next door.

Neighbours are your Closest Family


Even though the life in an apartment is more to the individual one, but neighbors sometimes have an important role in our life, especially when there is something bad happens. It would be quite a help in case there’s an unwanted thing in your apartment or when you have an urgent condition.

Makes The Kids Feel Less Lonely


It can be very helpful to your children if you know your neighbors- especially if they have kids within their age. They can befriend each other or play together in the playground. Knowing new friends also helps to develop their communication and social skills.

Just as Kemang Apartment located on Jalan Kemang Raya South Jakarta, that provides the best facilities for you especially for children. There is a comfortable playing ground for yourkids- not to mention the sp orts facilities like swimming pool, table tennis, fitness & sauna and mini golf. You can always have some little chats with neighbors while exercising together.

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