Moving to Jakarta without Losing Your Mind: A Brief Guide for Foreigners

Moving to Jakarta without Losing Your Mind: A Brief Guide for Foreigners

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Relocating to a new place can be stressful, especially if you’re moving to a densely populated city like Jakarta. Many people consider Jakarta as the “Big Apple” of Indonesia. So please expect to see many skyscrapers and traffic jams once you’ve landed in Jakarta.

However, moving to Jakarta doesn’t always have to be that bad. The city has a lot to offer and it can be a fun place to live once you become accustomed to the local lifestyle and culture. Here’s a brief guide for you so that you won’t lose your mind when moving to Jakarta!

Tips for foreigners looking to rent property in Jakarta:

There are many houses and flats in Jakarta available for rent. However, finding a property that suits your expectation is not as easy as it sounds. There are several important things you need to consider.

  • Pick a place that’s close to your office

Traffic in Jakarta can be terrible, especially in the morning and afternoon when people go to and come home from work. This traffic is what makes you lose your mind moving to Jakarta. While you can’t control the traffic, you can do something to avoid this situation.

That’s why it’s better to look for a house or a flat that’s close to your office. You can reach the office by walking so it will save time and cut your accommodation cost. For instance, if your office is located in the Senopati area, you can rent a unit at Senopati Apartment. It’s the first apartment you’ll find in Jalan Senopati as you exit the Senayan MRT Station.

  • The apartment can be a more practical choice

Compared to a house, an apartment can be a more practical choice for foreigners moving to Jakarta. Choose a serviced apartment since it usually includes 24 hours securities on guard, 24 hours services and maintenance, laundry, integrated security system, and audiovisual CCTV. This will ensure your peace of mind. You can find all of these services at Senopati Apartment, which also offers other facilities such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, children playground, and TV cable.

  • Payment terms

Most property owners in Indonesia will request for 12 months payment upfront. However, they’re open for negotiations. Many of them are okay with 6 months payment upfront. Unfortunately, it’s still very rare in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, to find property owners that are willing to accept monthly payment rent.

Districts for foreigners in Jakarta

Moving to Jakarta can be a little less frightening if you surround yourself with fellow foreigners. Fortunately, there are several popular areas in Jakarta for foreigners to stay. In the middle of Jakarta, there’s Menteng area that is accessible by public transportations such as taxi and Transjakarta buses. Moving to the northern side of Jakarta, Senopati is also a great neighborhood for foreigners to stay as it’s close to the SCBD area.

Visa and work permit

Foreigners are required to have a valid visa when entering Indonesia, let alone moving to Jakarta. There are several visa categories you can apply for, depending on the purpose. You also need a work permit if you’re planning to open a business or work in Jakarta. To receive up-to-date information regarding visa and work permit for foreigners, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia ( or contact the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate. 

Don’t forget to have fun!

Last but not least, make sure to have some fun! Jakarta really has a lot to offer. Once you’ve become accustomed to the local lifestyle and culture, moving to Jakarta will become one of the best decisions you’ve ever taken. From local museums to one-stop shopping malls, you can find them all here. Not to mention a variety of music festivals that are usually held every year. Before you know it, Jakarta will become your home!

One doesn’t have to lose his mind when moving to Jakarta. As long as you know the right things to do, your relocating process will go smoothly. Once you’ve settled in, reward yourself with a nice meal. Thank God Jakarta has so many great eating places, like in the Senopati area. Enjoy Jakarta!


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