Ranking of Top 5 Best Residential Neighborhood for Expats to Live in Jakarta

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Since Jakarta has a different culture from your hometown, it must be a big challenge for expats living in Jakarta, especially if this is your first time coming to this city. You might find yourself overwhelmed with the possibility of finding a new home in the right area. Fortunately, there are many expats-friendly neighborhood areas in Jakarta to choose from. Below is our ranking of the top 5 best residential neighborhood for expats to live in Jakarta.

#1 Sudirman

This area is one of a few popular business centers in Jakarta as it’s known as Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). Expat living in Jakarta can consider Sudirman as a place to live since SCBD is one of the most efficient business districts in the Asia Pacific. You can find many high rise apartment buildings with complete facilities.

No need to leave the apartment building to go swimming or go to the gym. Besides being a popular business center, Sudirman also offers a luxury lifestyle as you can easily find shopping malls and fancy restaurants here. 

#2 Kuningan

If you’re looking for an area that is more environmentally friendly, Kuningan is the right area to pick. Located around Jl. Rasuna Said, this area has tree-lined streets throughout the neighborhood. As you walk or drive through this area, you’ll see a lot of housing developments favored by expats living in Jakarta. Moreover, you can easily reach popular shopping malls like Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia for only 15 minutes away from the center area of Kuningan. 

#3 Menteng

Menteng is considered as one of the most expensive and prestigious areas in Jakarta since it contains so many embassies, museums, and government offices of Indonesia. For those working in Sudirman Area, you can also consider living here since Menteng is quite close to Sudirman and also MH Thamrin area.

Another great thing about Menteng is that the area is surrounded by a lot of tall and shady trees, which create a cool atmosphere. Many apartments are also available to help expat living in Jakarta get into the districts efficiently.

#4 Kemang

Since there are a lot of international schools located nearby, Kemang becomes one of the most popular neighborhoods for expat living in Jakarta. Not to mention that this area is also 20 minutes away from cafes, restaurants, and bars, which offer a variety of things to do for your night out with friends or family. No wonder that Kemang has a high density of expats, especially in apartments. However, beware of the traffic jams since Kemang has relatively small streets.

#5 Senayan

In recent years, Senayan has become a home for the development of modern apartment blocks. It’s no surprise because Senayan is located in the strategic area. Situated between South and Central Jakarta, Senayan is surrounded by mega-malls such as Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, and various office towers such as Senayan Towers I, II, and III.

So, yes, Senayan is also one of the popular residential neighborhood areas for expat living in Jakarta. You’ll find no trouble finding an apartment to rent. Senopati Apartment, for example, is situated at the heart of Jakarta’s prestigious area. It’s the first apartment you’ll see at Jl. Senopati as you exit the Senayan MRT Station. Senopati Apartment is also equipped with so many facilities such as 24 hours securities on guars, swimming pool, CCTV, children playground, and fitness center. 

There you go. All of these neighborhoods are the most recommended areas for expats living in Jakarta. These areas are surrounded by some of the best city’s restaurants, shopping malls, and nightlife. You can find something that suits your particular lifestyle and budget. 


Do you know another recommended area for expats to live in Jakarta? Leave a comment below.

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