Top 6 Coffee Shops in Senopati to Visit with Colleagues

Top 6 Coffee Shops in Senopati to Visit with Colleagues

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For many freelancers, a coffee shop is a place they spend a lot of their work time in. This kind of restaurant that sells coffee, other beverages, and sometimes light meals is not only a perfect fit for freelancers but also colleagues. Are you still confused to decide where to go for some good coffee in Jakarta? Don’t worry. These six top coffee shops in Senopati to visit with colleagues can be some best options to choose!


Need some quick breakfast before going to a business meeting? OnThree is the perfect place to go since it’s open since 07:00 AM and located at a strategic location: Senopati Suites 3, Senopati Street No. 41, SCBD, Jakarta. Serving western menus, here you can order foods such as Chilli Cheese Fries, Salmon Mentai Don, and Quinoa Mix Bowl. OnThree also provides a cozy place with a warm ambiance and Insta-worthy decoration.   


Get your daily dose of coffee at Caribou! Located at Senopati Street No. 52, Jakarta, Caribou can be easily accessed from Senopati Apartment. While you’re here, make sure to order Turtle Mocha, a coffee blended with a mix of either dark, milk, or white chocolate. Topped with caramel sauce, Turtle Mocha is best to enjoy in the afternoon. But if you’re not a coffee lover, Caribou has Coffeeless Cooler that is available in three flavors, which are Brownie, Cereal Milk, and Cookies & Cream.


At Senopati Street No. 9, you can find an industrial-themed coffee shop called Anomali. This coffee shop in Senopati is quite famous for its Indonesia coffee blends. Anomali’s cappuccino is to die for. The combination of steamed milk, foam, and espresso is well-balanced with the creamy texture. Additionally, make sure to order their famous Classic Benedict, which is served with egg yolk, beef, and vegetables.

Kopi Kalyan

Modern and chic. That’s what will come to your mind once you’re inside Kopi Kalyan. As one of the most popular coffee shops in Senopati. Kopi Kalyan provides a great place to hang out and chill. Don’t forget to try their Chai Coffee Latte, which tastes a bit like a ginger coffee but with a hint of orange flavor. While you’re here, do yourself a favor and order the buttery, delicious Almond Chocolate Croissant. Kopi Kalyan is located at Cikajang Street No. 61, Senopati.

Chief Coffee

This coffee shop in Senopati has a quite unique design interior with brick-exposed walls. But the wood furniture creates a warm ambiance that makes Chief Coffee feel cozy. A coffee latte is perfect to keep you company during your hangout session at Chief Coffee. Make sure to order their Banoffee Waffle too since its flavor is to die for. If you’re interested in visiting Chief Coffee, just come to Ciragil 1 Street No. 11, Senopati.


Doppio Coffee Jakarta

Have you ever tried to taste Coffee Ice Cube? Just as the name suggests, it’s literally coffee ice cubes served in a glass, and you have to pour warm milk onto those cubes to enjoy it. This unique experience is brought you by Doppio Coffee Jakarta, a chic coffee shop located at Bintara Building, Wolter Monginsidi Street No. 43, Senopati. To complete your hang out moment, don’t forget to order Butter Croissant which becomes one of this coffee shop’s signature menus.


Those are top coffee shops in Senopati to visit with colleagues that can be some best options to consider. You can have a relaxing time with your chosen coffee shop’s background chatter and music. Visiting the right coffee shop with your colleagues can make you inspired, productive, and comfortable as well.

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