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Prior to choose an apartment or residences, you have to consider a lot of factor, including nearby public facility and hospitals for emergency needs. By choosing the right strategic place, it will make everything easier if something happen at the future. Senopati apartment is an example of residence which strategically located near SCBD business district as well as several medical care nearby. Here is the list of nearest hospital from Senopati Apartment that you should know. 

Siloam Hospital Semanggi

Located in Jalan Garnisun No. 2-3 Karet Semanggi, Siloam hospital is one of the nearest hospital from Senopati apartment within 3 kilometers distance. Siloam hospital is the first private hospital specialized for cancer treatment. There are various facilities offered by this hospital such as early cancer detection, surgical oncology, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Siloam also provides laboratory test, radiology, diagnostic, 24-hours emergency department and other treatment for various diseases. You can also plan your visit beforehand and choose your preferred doctors. 

Jakarta Hospital

Located in Jalan Jenderal Sudiman just across Siloam Hospital, this public hospital is the nearest hospital around Senopati apartment. Jakarta Hospital provides a complete service from 24-hours emergency department, outpatient and inpatient, surgical operation, hemodialysis, physiotherapy, radiology, MRI, pharmacy, laboratory and medical checkup. Aside from that, this hospital also provides specialized medical treatment such as Jakarta Beauty & Health Clinic, Jakarta Brain Centre, Jakarta Dental Clinic, and Jakarta Orthopedic, Traumatology & Sport Medicine. 

Ciranjang ENT Hospital

Ciranjang Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital located in Jalan Ciranjang No. 20-22, which also the nearest hospital from Senopati apartment and can be reached within 5 minutes driving. Not only ENT, but this hospital also provides heart polyclinic, surgical polyclinic, radiology, pharmacy, 24-hours emergency department, inpatient rooms, audiogram, laboratory, UKG, EKG and nebulizer. You can also check the schedule of the doctor’s practice prior visiting this hospital. 

Logo Brawijaya Hospital

Brawijaya Women and Children’s Hospital

The nearest hospital from Senopati apartment specialized for women and children healthcare is Brawijaya women & children hospital, which located in Jalan Taman Brawijaya, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This hospital offers various services such as women and children’s health, surgery, dental, orthopedic, psychology, neurology, psychiatric, cardiology and physiotherapy. Aside from that, there are also various facilities provided such as intensive care unit (ICU, NICU & PICU), inpatient rooms, breastfeeding room, pharmacy, laboratory, and mother membership. You can also choose your preferred time and period for visit beforehand. 

Metropolitan Medical Center Hospital

Another nearest hospital from Senopati Apartment is Metropolitan Medical Center, which located in Jalan Haji Rasuna Said. This hospital offers various services such as medical checkup, inpatient rooms, surgical rooms and delivery room. There are also various facilities using high-tech medical equipment which are Comprehensive Orthopedic & Rheumatology Centre, Digestive Center, Cardiac Cerebro Vascular Centre, Uro Nephrology Centre, Oncology Centre and Medical rehabilitation. 

Mayapada Hospital South Jakarta

Mayapada hospital is the nearest hospital with international standard located in Jalan Lebak Bulus I, Cilandak, South Jakarta. 24-hours accident and emergency center are ready to respond all emergency medical needs. Mayapada hospital also provides triage system, comprehensive obstretic and ginecology emergency services, isolation room, minor surgery room, radiology, laboratory, medical rehabilitation, angiography, hemodialysis as well as ICCU, ICU, NICU and PICU. There are also risk and complication center, pharmacy, nursery, inpatient services rooms and medical checkup.  

It is surely will be a pleasure feeling knowing that your residence located not far from hospital just in case there would be any emergency situations happened in the future. Aside from its strategic location, Senopati apartment also offers wonderful facilities and amenities that could be an amazing experience. 


Which of these hospitals were the most English-speaking for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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