5 Shopping Malls Easily Accessible by MRT Jakarta

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5 Shopping Malls Easily Accessible by MRT Jakarta

Thanks to MRT, now we can easily access many places in Jakarta. What used to be an hour ride using a car or other transportations, MRT shortens it to a few minutes only. No wonder more and more people are riding MRT Jakarta these days. Besides, MRT Jakarta has several stops that are close to popular shopping malls in Jakarta.

A quick lunch during a break at work? Hangout with friends or families on the weekend? Or just want to have a me-time? Just hop on the MRT Jakarta and go to these popular shopping malls!

Grand Indonesia & Plaza Indonesia

Both malls are located strategically in Central Jakarta. As you reach the other end of North-South MRT Jakarta Line (so called M1 or Phase I), you will arrive at Bundaran HI station. Bundaran HI is one of the most famous and well-known areas in Jakarta. You are welcomed by Selamat Datang Monument and lots of finest hotels in the city. The best thing is, you can access Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia by riding MRT Jakarta. You can just walk from Bundaran HI station.

If you have never paid a visit to Jakarta, you will need to understand that the station is actually located beside the famous Selamat Datang Monument. Around the area lies multiple hotels that are considered the best, such as Kempinski Indonesia and Grand Hyatt. So, this station is the one you should pay attention to.

FX Sudirman

Another strategic MRT Stop that facilitates you to do shopping is Senayan station. It is located in the heart beat of Jakarta, as you can find sport centre (Senayan is the largest sport complex in Indonesia) as well as business centre and malls. Although Senayan MRT station is situated around many malls, such as Senayan City, Plaza Senayan and Ratu Plaza, one of the best you might want to visit is FX Sudirman. Senayan MRT station also facilitates you to some near hotels, like Ritz Carlton and Fairmont.

Citywalk Sudirman

Almost similar with Senayan station, Bendungan Hilir MRT station also offers you tons of shopping option. If you decide to stop here, you can go to Pasar Benhill, Lotte Shopping Avenue and the famous Citywalk Sudirman. Stopping in Bendungan Hilir station will also provide you unique experience. Even though it is located in Sudirman business area, the concept of the station is nature.

Pacific Place

Pacific Place is considered one of, if not, the most luxurious malls in Jakarta. Located in Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), the mall is close to many options of the Jakarta’s finest hotels. To go there by riding MRT Jakarta, the best place to stop is Istora station. It is Jakarta’s first-ever MRT line, and located in a Central Jakarta – hundred meters from Jakarta Stock Exchange and 4 km from Bundaran HI. You can walk through SCBD to go to Pacific Place from Istora Station in less than 15 minutes.

Blok M Plaza

When you are not that type of person who likes to buy this and that, there are actually a lot of cost-friendly convenient stores you can find in South Jakarta, not to mention, Blok M Plaza. You can easily find it by doing a 5-minute walking from Blok M MRT station. Blok M station is also regarded as one of the most strategic MRT stations for visiting the budget-friendly malls.

Jakarta offers a variety of shopping malls prepared to give you a good time. No wonder many people like to spend time in shopping malls in Jakarta. What’s better is that these shopping malls are now easily accessible by MRT Jakarta, which means you won’t have to be stuck in a traffic jam. Happy shopping!

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